5 Best Places To Shop In Bangkok

The only thing that I remember from my first trip to Bangkok is that I used to enter the mall at 10 am and step out at 8 pm! I’m not kidding when I say that I was in Bangkok for four nights and all I did was shopping. I went to some of the best places to shop in Bangkok. If you have never visited Bangkok before then you must know that Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise. From street shopping to getting your favourite brands, Bangkok offers everything that you can fit in to your 25 kg baggage allowance on the flight. I visited a lot of shopping malls and local spots and from that I tell you five best places to shop in Bangkok.

best places to shop in bangkok
Picture credit – Mark Fischer

1. Chatuchak Market

Before entering the malls, one place you need to visit in Bangkok is this weekend flea market. Here you can get clothes, accessories, utensils (and a lot of kinky stuff too). Since this is a flea market, you get to bargain and not spend much. I was visiting Bangkok in the month of October and Chatuchak market was on the other end of the place where I was staying. I took the BST and reached the last station which is Mo Chit Station. The only thing you need to remember while visiting the market is that you should be carrying an empty bag with you preferably a trolley bag so that it is easy for you to dump your clothes and keep walking. There are more than 8000 stalls at the market so you will have to walk a lot. Make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes. Another thing that bothered me at the market was the heat. You cannot go to Chatuchak market without applying your sun block or wearing a hat to protect yourself.

2. Platinum Fashion Mall 1 and 2

The biggest wholesale and retail mall in Bangkok is the Platinum Mall. There 3 malls in total – Platinum 1, 2 and 3. It is not only difficult but next to impossible to be able to see one mall in an entire day. During my trip I could only see Platinum 1 and 2 and got some really pretty dresses and accessories from here.

3. MBK Mall

I’m not very fond of this mall as it is a little expensive than the other malls. The good thing about MBK Mall is that you will get a lot of variety in clothes and accessories. Another good thing about MBK is that it is inside the BST Station so after shopping, caring your luggage back to the hotel will not be a problem.

4. Siam Paragon Mall

If you wish to purchase luxurious brands then Siam Paragon is the mall you need to go to. The mall houses brands like Gucci, Chanel, Hugo Boss et al.

5. Indra Square Mall

As soon as you will enter this market, you will see a lot of Indians around you. The shopkeepers too are Indians and will help you get the gadget you have been looking for. From television sets, to iPad and mobile phone you will find all electronic items in this mall apart from clothes and accessories.

The stuff you can get from street shopping in Bangkok is incomparable to any other destination! Make sure you visit a lot of flea markets if shopping is the only thing on your mind during your visit to Bangkok.



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