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5 Best Casinos In Goa That You Must Visit

With an exuberant nightlife Goa is one destination that houses some of the most marvellous casinos in India. And to experience the fun and thrill of gambling, make sure you have enough time to play at these casinos. So get ready to roll the dice with a glass of champagne as we tell you five best casinos in Goa.

Best casinos in Goa - Deltin Jaqk Deltin Jaqk

1. Deltin Royale

The Deltin Royale is the largest floating casino in Goa which you would never want to miss if you love gambling. After all it’s going to give you the ultimate Vegas experience! With 123 gaming tables and an exclusive room for Indian flush, Deltin Royale is a gambler’s paradise. And there is more. The 40,000 square feet floater also harbours a gourmet restaurant, a whisky lounge and VIP gaming suites where guests can stay and play in. Now, can you handle the temptation?

2. Deltin Jaqk

Formerly known as Casino Royale, Deltin Jaqk maintains 50 tables and 30 slot machines giving you 350 options of different gaming positions. If you are an amateur in the game then Deltin Jaqk is the perfect place for you as it consists of special learners tables that will enlighten you about the game. Situated at the Mandavi River, Deltin Jaqk offers complimentary five star buffet dinner that is going to tease your taste buds. Apart from gaming and scrumptious food, it also offers you the ever-happening Aqua Bar, an on-board ATM machine and a special kids section. What more do you need to pamper yourself?

 3. Casino Pride

For dice rollers who want a lavish casino that is not very expensive, Casino Pride is the perfect gaming destination for you. Here you can play almost every game including ‘Teen Patti’ and they also organise big poker tournaments. Apart from 40 gaming tables and a Weather Deck, there is also a special kids zone having various computer games to keep your children entertained while you indulge yourself in a real game of poker.

4. Casino Carnival

Talking about rolling the dice in Goa, you cannot miss out on visiting the Marriott Resort and Spa that offers you an ultimate experience of the game of poker. Even if you are visiting Goa with your family, you can take them to Casino Carnival as it has the reputation of the friendliest family oriented casino. With the largest number of slot machines and varied table games, Marriott is best known for several tempting luxuries.

5. Casino Pearl

This fairly new casino is a part of the lavish and luxurious Bogmallo Beach Resort that is just 15 minutes away from the airport. Although new in the poker world, Casino Pearl indulges its enthusiastic gamblers in the entertaining games of Tai-Sai, Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat and slot machines. Being a part of a five star resort, Casino Pearl gives you ample opportunities to pamper yourself at the beach or indulge yourself in a therapeutic massage to soothe your senses.

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