5 Annoying Boyfriend Traits

  1. The say it all but do none

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    So we meet these guys who are great orators and super impressive when it comes to their words, but when it comes to their deeds they rarely follow what they preach. They make plans which sound so promising but always forget what they had said or never follow their own words. Guys, guys, guys… your lady isn’t going take you seriously if you do this often.

  2. The ‘let-me-pay’ and ‘you-pay’ , always , men

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    We end up meeting either these macho male species who prefer wooing us with their moolah, or the guy at the other end of the spectrum who would insist you to pay, always. Frankly speaking, both the extremes are annoying to women. You wonder what to do now? Well, do offer to pay or chip-in on dates but if the lady wants to pay, just let her.

  3. ‘Said sorry, be cool’ guys

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    This trait is annoying and funny, both at the same time. It’s time that men realise that women aren’t too tough to decode. If they are mad at you then just apologise and make-up for it; this doesn’t mean that you expect her to be calm and back to self in a split second. Guys, give your woman some cool-down-time, they aren’t wired with a mood-controlling on-off switch that they would be angry one minute and all nice the other, as soon as you snap your fingers!

  4. The mumma’s boy

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    These guys are so obedient that they would always do whatever their dearest mom wishes them to do, even if they despise it to the core! The girl in your life isn’t asking you to suddenly wake up from your slumber and revolt against your mother, but all they wish is that you have your own point of view and you stick to it. It’s true—confidence is sexy!

  5. The be-there-for-me-always kind

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    In this age I guess it’s important for the male-chauvinists to realise that women too have a life which doesn’t revolve around theirs. So if your woman is giving you your personal space and time and is being understanding enough to oblige to your demands of not meeting or keeping up to the plans just because you are busy and can’t make it, I guess this is self-explanatory that she too would expect a similar understanding from her man. And believe me– she would respect you all the more if you too respect her and her space!

This list is endless as people have different experiences. This is my top five annoying boyfriend traits however, if you wish to share your experiences then do leave a comment or you can even e-mail me on contactmelissamartin@gmail.com.

Psst… You know that your identity will always be anonymous!

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