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Sinful Meat, Spicy Cocktails And A Lot More At The House Of Tigers

Located in one of the most opulent markets in Delhi – Greater Kailash M-block, House of Tigers is easy on the eyes. The ambience is reflective of an upscale casual dining space that is well lit and private. However the appearance is quite deceptive, because this bar and grill is surprisingly reasonably priced. The furniture wouldn’t make you feel suffocated; it’s neither too crowded nor too scant. The service provided by the floor manager was exceptionally warm and enthusiastic. We ordered a lot of the food in accordance with the manager’s generous recommendations and this is what we have to say.

house of tigers

Appetisers : Must Have The Madrasi Chilli Chicken

Jalapeno Cheese Popper

The star of this starter was the honey based dip with a hint of chilli. The jalapeños were fewer than desired in the stuffing but the popper as a whole was quite delicious. The covering was crisp and not too greasy.


house of tigers

Butter Garlic Prawns

Good prawns are fairly hard to find in Delhi. Knowing the fact that making prawns right in the plains, miles away from the sea, is difficult. But here the prawns were cooked to perfection but unfortunately were glazed with scarce amount of butter. The garlic bread provided for a solid base for the dish.


house of tigers

Galauti Kebab

These mutton galauti kebabs were the most crumbly kebabs we have ever had. Their texture was soft and they were so brittle that they crumbled under slightest pressure. Now, that’s a good galauti kebab! The mint chutney went very well with the dish but the mini sized rotis they provided along were severely undercooked. The side salad was an additional treat.

house of tigers

Madrasi Chilli Chicken

Quite possibly the most stereotypical idea for fusion food- Chilli Chicken (Punjab) meets Curry Leaves and Mustard Seeds (Madras). However stereotypical and politically incorrect this dish was, it was a delight to both taste and see them. Aesthetically pleasing and crispy covering with chicken that wasn’t chewy (rare experience in itself); Madrasi Chilli Chicken was the best appetiser.

house of tigers

Main Course: Not A Favourite Here

house of tigers

Military Meat

Lamb shank slow cooked with yoghurt and cashew along with Tandoori Roti. To be honest after the amazing appetisers, the meat was a bit of a let-down. It was a little greasy and gastronomically challenging to digest. It was a little overcooked and the spices should’ve been cooked in the juice of the meat. This definitely wasn’t a winning dish for us.

Drinks: Rejuvenate Yourself With A ‘Hot Kiss’

HOT Kiss

The highlight of our lunch was a layered mocktail with mango juice, coke, vanilla ice cream and peaches. Sipping it out of a swirly straw was an extremely satisfying experience. This should be on everyone’s bucket list of mocktails. On a sunny day it serves as a rejuvenator.

house of tigers

Spicy Mango

A special cocktails with a twist! It comprised ginger, lime juice, mango juice, vodka and green chilli. Yes, chilli. It was a refreshing taste, for sure. The only drawback was that the quantity of vodka wasn’t optimum and hence the pinch of chilli overpowered all the other ingredients.

house of tigers

Dessert: Chocolate Overload

house of tigers

Ronnie’s Brownie Cigars

Served with vanilla ice cream laced with chocolate sauce, these cigars stuffed with chocolate brownie were the perfect ending to a hearty meal. A unique dessert unto itself, the restaurant has to be lauded for coming up with such a creative idea.

To conclude, we would say that if you’re hunting for a genuine hipster restaurant serving gourmet food with a twist, House of Tigers should definitely be on your list of options. They’re having a lot of fun with their recipes.

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