3 Ways To Ensure Your House Is Free From Dampness In Monsoons

The onset of monsoon season tempts us to eat all things hot and fried. Rains are enjoyed best with a hot cup of tea and some pakoras. But one thing that can ruin the rains and our mood entirely is water leakage in the house. Water leakage in the house not only creates a bad impression about you when you have guests over at your place but also proves that you do not care enough about the space you live in with your loved ones.

Damp walls and leakage in the house gives rise to molds that also cause parasites to grow in the house. These parasites cause chronic respiratory diseases which can often prove to be fatal. To avoid such health problems and make sure that the house is in a good condition, we tell you how you can relax this season without worrying about water leakage in the house.


1. Identify The Areas In The House That You Can See Being Damp

Often we ignore the ceilings and external walls of the house. It is very important to check and identify the areas that need repairing immediately.

2. Ensure Waterproofing On External Walls

No one can control the rains but what one can do is make sure that the walls are waterproofed by designing the wall joints properly. Products such as Dr. Fixit Raincoat is an elastomeric exterior waterproofing coating which is composed of high quality acrylic emulsion polymers and weather durable pigments can be applied on all types of exterior surfaces including cement surfaces, asbestos sheets as well as renderings.

3. Seek Help From A Professional

Dr. Fixit has a team of technical experts who will visit your home, identify the areas that need repair and compile timely solutions for you. Dr. Fixit’s consumer centric approach enhances your knowledge about the things that can be done to mend the damage and provide prompt solutions.

Waterproofing your house is not a tedious process anymore. You no longer have to use separate layers of paint coating on the walls. The latest way to waterproofing is by using Dr. Fixit’s Raincoat which acts as a waterproof and decorative exterior coating for your walls. With more than 700 shades to choose from, you can never go wrong with this technique of waterproofing.

Building a new house is an expensive business. So make sure that you do not ignore the most important aspect which is – waterproofing during the construction. And in case you are staying in an old building then make sure you reach out to Dr.Fixit to take care of waterproofing of your entire house just like Amitabh Bachchan did in this video below. He made sure that the house he was shifting to was waterproofed by Dr.Fixit. Watch the video below to see what can happen when you don’t get your house waterproofed.

Once you reach out to professionals for help, you can once again enjoy the monsoon showers without having to worry about the water leakage.



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