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12 Most Romantic Experiences Around The World

While booking a short getaway for Valentine’s Day is the usual norm, one doesn’t think beyond beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh, beaches of Goa or a long drive to a distant town. However, how far does your imagination go when you think of the ultimate luxurious romantic getaway with that special someone? Dinner at the Eiffel Tower and skating in New York sure sounds exciting and pretty romantic but there’s more to romance and luxury when it comes to going that extra mile. Our ultimate romantic experiences travel guide that will force you re-think your vacation ideas and motivate you to charge up your savings because it can not get better than this.

1. The Northern Lights In Finland

Nothern lights, Romantic Experiences
Trails and Nothern Lights

If spending the night in an ‘igloo’ has been you dream, and you love star gazing, then combine them both and head to Finland for the ultimate experience. Visit the Lapland, get a sample of the Sámi culture and try dog sledging or even reindeer herding. It is bound to be a once in a lifetime experience for sure!

2. Backwaters In Alleppey

An Exciting Day Trip To Poovar Island, Romantic Experiences

This one is for the couples who want luxury but don’t want to indulge in long journeys. The backwaters in Kerala, India are stunning in terms of visual beauty and mental peace as well. Rent a houseboat , take a cruise, indulge in an exotic couple Kerala style spa and let the time stand still as you soak in the tranquillity in the lap of nature.

3. Exotic Dining At Grotta Palazzese Cave, Italy

Italy caves, Romantic Experiences

Picture a lavish, exuberant Italian spread, sip of the finest wine known to mankind and a gorgeous place that is unlike any dining experience you can ever have. Grotta, as the name suggests is literally a grotto carved inside a limestone cave in  the town of Polignano a Mare in Southern Italy. The average price of items on their menu is around 33 Euros and watching the sunset, while the ocean serenades your eyes is a view to die for. It is super romantic and will probably be the most expensive pizza you might have, but then, that’s the beauty of luxury. It makes you want to spend that extra buck.

4. Starry Beach In Maldives

starry beach, Romantic Experiences

This is literally a ‘glow in the dark’ kind of beach and you will feel like you are walking on the stars. You can find it if you travel to the famous Vaadhoo Islands and prepare to be mesmerised by this wonderful magic by nature. The secret is not some lightning effect but marine microbes called ‘hytoplankton’,  which glow and turn blue. One can arguably term it as probably the most ‘romantic’ lightning in the world. If you and bae are beach bums, this needs to be on your luxe bucket list.

5. Staying In A Palace In Udaipur

taj lake palace, Romantic Experiences
Taj Lake Palace

Ever wanted to feel like royal blood runs through your veins? Ever wondered what a ‘maharaja’ life feels like? (Eating a maharaja mac burger doesn’t count!) Look no further than the magnificent, royal land of Rajasthan in India that is dipped in history. Udaipur houses many palaces which have now been converted into gorgeous hotels. Spend your money where you can milk its full worth. Live like a king, sip wine by a lake with the mystical Aravalis shining in the background. Take a walk by any fort here and let the magic of history entice you, making you feel like you were born to be a royal.

6. Balloon Ride In Capadocia, Turkey

Turkey, Romantic Experiences

Admit it, you have sometime in you life wondered what it feels like to be suspended in the sky on a hot air balloon ride. Do you feel like a bird? Or the fear grips you and eventually sets you free? What better way to find out than experiencing this luxury with your love? Capadocia in Turkey is one of the most famous places in the world which offer this wonderful luxury to people who seek it. The deluxe balloon flights last for about 1.5 hour and you get a full session of buffet an champagne to match the exotic view which will have your balloon fly over pigeon houses, pretty rocky formations and mountains.  This might be the perfect ingredient that your relationship needs to rekindle the romance.

7. The Romantic Road In Germany

romantic road, Romantic Experiences

That’s not how we are describing it, but that’s exactly what it is called. Romantische Straße or ‘the romantic street’ is a breathtaking, extremely romantic 350 km route in the Bavaria region of Germany. It runs right across the river Main and touches the Alps. Taking a drive on this route is a luxurious experience in itself because it looks like you are in your version of a fairy tale romance. You can drive here, cycle your way through or simply take a small walk in of the beautiful towns that are located on this route. The best conversations happen on a road that leads you to a gorgeous abyss and this is exactly what you might need right now.

8. Seven Stars Train In Japan

seven stars train, Romantic Experiences

This is a deluxe sleeping train that was inaugurated in 2013 in Kyushu. This is sheer luxury on wheels. You can view the scenic sights of Kyushu as the train embarks on a journey of a lifetime. The train stops at certain points and guests get down to take part in activities and excursions. The cost of building the train was close to a whopping 3 billion Yen and it lives up to its hype. Great food, majestic views, suites that spell royalty, and the company of the person who is experiencing all of this with you. Put your travel dreams on a set of wheels and let them take you away.

9. The Dea Sea In Jordan

dead sea, Romantic Experiences

We count this experience as ‘special’, because how else do you describe a place which is supposed to be the lowest point on Earth? All the water that collects from various water sources get landlocked in the mystical ‘Dead’ sea  and kind of evaporate, leaving behind a concoction of minerals  that have become the key ingredient of so many luxury beauty products. This luxurious get away is not just a different experience but is also supposed to be spiritually healing. Check into one of the lovely properties here and soak up some sun and float like a paper boat in the Dead sea. It might be called ‘dead’ but it is bound to awaken a lot of unexplored avenues in your relationship as a couple.

10. Horseback Riding In Jamaican Waters

horseback riding, Romantic Experiences

Adventure infused with sheer luxury. This one is an exciting experience for experienced riders, as well as beginners. Imagine riding a sturdy horse and emerging from the sea, the waves crashing at your legs, as you cross the shoreline and ride into the countryside. This luxurious excursion is the perfect way to spend a vacation in the exotic land of Jamaica.  Once you are at the Chukka Village, you will experience the warmth of a 16th century sugar estate, wind mills all around you, as you soak the vastness of all of this spread over 750 plus acres of land.

11. Mid Air Tree Camping In Germany

tree camps germany, Romantic Experiences

Okay, this one is not for anyone who has vertigo issues. For others, we highly recommend you consider this option. Suspended in the air, hanging from a tree in a tent, this is one unique camping experience for every couple that strives for adventures in life. The staff at this Bavarian tree forest will first train you in rope skills and it will take you around 45 minutes to climb up in your ‘room’ with a view. While you cuddle dangling in the air, the gorgeous Bavarian countryside will give you a serenading company. You should try this if you have the heart, and the money to put into this luxe experience.

12. Helicopter Rides Across New Zealand

helicopter ride, Romantic Experiences

This country is breathtaking, the water bodies in this land are so clear, one doesn’t need a mirror in front of them. How do you justify the attention that this gorgeous geography deserves? You cannot walk through it. You sure can drive and probably experience a part of this luxury but do you know what is the ultimate shenanigan you can spend on? A wonderful helicopter ride and tour across parts of this country. You can either choose the Bay of Plenty in the North Island or fly over the Mount Cook in the South Island. The scenic flight tours definitely come at a price but it sure is worth it if you seek serendipity and adventure together. A stunning view besides you in the form your beau and a view outside the window that will take your breath away. It’s obvious that you will want to indulge in it once at least.

These rendezvous’ sound enticing when you read it but believe us, they will be serendipitous when you manage to experience them. The next time you are planning on saving for a trip with your partner, work a little harder and plan a little smarter. Your love and your relationship is special, what makes you think your holidays should be ordinary?

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