Vacation Hangover

10 Quick Fixes To Cure Your Vacation Hangover

Party hangovers are easily curable. All you have to do is call a couple of friends who missed the party to tell them stories or just update your status on Facebook for everyone to know what went down the kickass party you attended and then get back to your routine next day. But when it comes to getting over a vacation, it ain’t this easy! It takes time and effort to cure a vacation hangover. Packing bags from a destination to go back home is probably the worst feeling ever. We hope and wish that our vacation lasts forever but that is practically not possible in real life. We all have withdrawal symptoms and also get upset to be returning to the daily rut. So before boarding the flight to go back home and getting back to routine, here are 10 quick fixes that can cure vacation hangover.

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1. Unpack Immediately

As soon as you reach home make sure that the first thing you do is unpack your suitcases. No matter how tired you are, put your clothes for laundry and keep the things back at the place where they belong. This will not only stop you from procrastinating to unpack but also tell you that your vacation is over but will also prepare you to get back to work immediately.

2.  Change Your Work Space For A While

Those of you who have a full time jobs, can’t change their workspace but what you can do is – re-decorate your work station with the pictures from the vacation or newer quotes to get inspired from. The ones who work from home can look out for new cafes to work from. This will not make going back to work seem so bad after all!

3. Upload Your Pictures

Your friends and family want to know your vacation stories and also want to see your pictures. Go ahead and upload your pictures on social media. That ways you’ll be able to re-live your vacation for a couple of more days.

4. Continue Doing The Same Activities

Many of us forget or are not able to take out the time to do the things that we love the most. One of the biggest reasons to love vacations is because we get to do all these things without having to care about anything in the world. So if you love dancing or playing a sport, then take out an hour for yourself and do the same activities that you did in your vacation.

5. Meet Your Friends

They have missed you while you have been on vacation so meet them and tell them about your adventures. Ask them about what all has happened in their lives since you were gone and plan a dinner at home watching movies and keeping it easy.

6. Chase Your Dreams

When you are on a vacation, you have a free mind. You dream big without thinking about the consequences. Now that you are back, it’s the time to chase those dreams and make them come true. Make lists and smaller goals that will help you reach your destination.

7. Stay Updated

You’ve missed out on a lot of things that have been happening in your country and across the globe. Get your hands on the newspaper or go online on news websites to know and keep yourself updated on what has been happening in your country and around the world.

8. Slowly Get Back To Routine

There is absolutely no hurry to resume to routine. After following the above said things, you’ll begin to realise that you are getting back to routine. And without doing much efforts, you’ll enjoy the company of your colleagues, friends and family and the feeling of being back home.

9. Take Care Of Yourself

All those nights of drinking and eating unhealthy has damaged your system. Get back to routine by eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated. Also, sleep early and wake up on time and see how productive your day goes.

10. Plan Another Vacation

It’s always good to plan in advance and know where you want to go next. Begin your research, save money and by the time you get your next break, you’ll be all set for an amazing adventure ahead!       

I hope this gets you out of the vacation mode and back to your routine in a non-boring manner.

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