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10 International Destinations That Are Just Perfect For Your Bachelor’s Trip

We know how lazy men can get when it comes to planing. Many of you live in the moment and take things as they come but one thing you can’t escape is planning for your bachelor party! These are the last few days you are allowed to think only about yourself. Do the craziest of things with your gang and make memories that you will cherish throughout your life. For you to accomplish this mission, we tell you Top 10 International Destinations that are just perfect for your bachelors.

1. Milwaukee, USA

You know that a party can neither start nor end dry. Booze is what makes us all come alive. To have the trippiest time of your life, you have to go to a place that has huge breweries for you. In Milwaukee, you can schedule a brewery bonanza and drink till your mind gets blown. During the evenings you can enjoy a sports match at Miller Park. If you are there with your pals in the summers then do visit Lake Michigan to take in the wild festive atmosphere of the weekly concert festivals held there. Also don’t forget to plan a night at the casinos!


2. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you want your bachelor’s party to be relaxed one, where you and your friends grab some beer at the beach with the waves rushing in, the sun sets in the horizon then go to Honolulu. This place is a paradise! Here you can be sure to have the time of your life and enjoy the lusty, exotic luau which means to have a fun and entertaining evening. Surf through the glittering waves of the sea and gorge on some tangy barbecue while you feast your eyes on the fireside dancers. If you are a golf person, try it out in the salty oceanic air of Honolulu.


3. Ibiza, Spain

Party hard at Ibiza and spend some special moments with your friends. This is the place where you have to be for an ultimate bachelor’s experience that will also lure you to the orgasmic scenic beauty. Drop in at the world’s biggest club – Privilege and party all night long. Top 10 International Destinations


4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

While planning for a bachelor’s trip to Rio de Janeiro, make sure you attend the Rio Carnival.  Not just for the beautiful curvy Brazilian women clad in those exotic carnival costumes but also because you are going to have a hell lot of fun. Rio is just the perfect place for a bachelor’s party because here you can live in lavish hotels, party as much as you want and not to forget that you can spend a lot of time with the gorgeous Brazilian women.


5. South Beach, USA

To have ultimate fun at your bachelor party, just pack your bags, grab your friends and leave for South Beach in Florida. This place is strewn with clubs and pubs that you cannot get enough of. The beach is sexy with sultry beach goddesses either basking under the sun or just coming up from the sea. We promise that the view would be too hot to handle!


6. Las Vegas, USA

You knew this place would be in the list, didn’t you? Yes, everybody knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! As cliché as it may sound, Vegas has everything for everyone. It offers you with world class celebrity chef restaurants, glamorous shows, innumerable casinos, copious bars and breathtaking nightclubs. But yes, it is true that when you come to Vegas, you need to shed some serious cash.

Las Vegas

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe is not always the sophisticated continent that you have always imagined. It has its own bag of debaucheries. Therefore, if you want your bachelor party to be something that is high on alchohol, drugs and sex, visit Amsterdam. This city not only harbours intellectuality, art, culture and history but also one of the most infamous red light districts of De Wallen. You can even rent a bike and go pub hopping.


8. New York City, USA

New York City is the best place you can have fun. It’s one of the liveliest and crowded cities in the world where you can party, get drunk and do whatever you feel like.  Whether it’s the Yankee Stadium or the Madison Square, the seedy bar, the trendy nightclub, the swanky cigar lounge or the upscale gentleman’s club, you are just going to enjoy in this “concrete jungle”. So leave all your worries behind and head to New York.

New York

9. Montreal, Canada

Want to have flair of the French in the last days of your bachelorhood? Plan a trip to Montreal.  With an array of unique restaurants, bars and happening nightclubs, Montreal harbours a lot of gentleman’s clubs too. You can indulge yourself in speed boating and craft beer tours or can just chill at a nearby park having beer. You can lodge at Hotel Le St James Hotel, Hotel 10 and W Montreal for an ideal bachelors’ party.


10. Vancouver, Canada

This place is the best if you want to spend your bachelors’ party drinking away. Possessing a lot of clubs to hop around, Vancouver also gives the opportunity to visit strip clubs strewn all over the place. Enjoy the unique cuisine of Vancouver or go fishing with your friends. Kayaking can also be a hell lot of fun!


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